Salvora Archipelago

Illa de Sálvora
Pertence ao concello de
2,557 Hectares: 248 ha terrestrial and 2,309 ha marine.
Outras figuras de protección
Included in the SAC “Complex Humido de Corrubedo”. Its waters are included in the SPA Marine Environment of the Rías Baixas. Asset of Cultural Interest in the protected landscape category Decree 49/2018.

Download the Sálvora brochure by clicking on the map: map SAL small cast

The island of Sálvora together with the islets that surround it, make up a rocky labyrinth that protects the northern entrance to the Arousa Estuary. Among them, the great granite mass of Noro and the rugged Sagres stand out. In contrast, the island itself has a relatively flat landscape dominated by beaches and dunes and small rounded granite blocks called "bolos".

Towards the north of the island is the village of Sálvora, a silent witness to another time when the island was inhabited. The lighthouse, until recently guarded by lighthouse keepers, marks this dangerous area where numerous shipwrecks occurred, such as that of the Santa Isabel steamer in 1921.

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How to get there?

By maritime public transport

There is no regular daily transport, so visitors must contact the shipping companies that organize groups visiting this island from various ports, mainly from O Grove and Aguiño, although also from Ribeira, Boiro, A Pobra, A illa de Arousa, Vilagarcía, and occasionally from Bueu.

The maximum quota is 250 daily visitors. These groups must be accompanied by a  guide accredited by the Park at a ratio of 25 visitors per guide.

Consult the shipping companies that make trips to Sálvora at the end of this same page.

By private boat

The visit can be made any day of the year, but it is necessary to have the navigation and anchoring permits issued by the National Park. The form to request navigation permission can be downloaded on this website in the section of authorizations and it also indicates the documentation that must be attached. The applications, once completed, can be sent by email, regular mail or fax to the National Park offices.

Once the navigation permission has been obtained, you can request the permissions of anchoring for those days you want to anchor in the islands. 
The daily limit in this archipelago is 15-20  anchorages/day in the Pazo-Almacén area.

Remember that for safety and conservation reasons the visit to the village of Sálvora can only be made in the company of guides authorized by the National Park

Sálvora - O Almacén e Capela
Sálvora - O Almacén e Capela

What to see?

Create the interactive map with the aspects that interest you most, taking into account that you can only walk along the routes indicated in color. 

You can also download the PDF with the map and information on routes and points of interest by clicking here: map SAL small gal



The national park
  Address E-mail Telephone no. Fax
Park Office Oliva 3, 36202 VIGO iatlanticas [at] (iatlanticas[at]xunta[dot]gal) +34 886 21 80 90 +34 886 21 80 94
Visitors Center Rúa Palma 4. Casco Vello - Vigo (behind the Collegiate Church or Concathedral of Vigo)
Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (10 a.m. to 12 p.m. preferential attention to school groups)
Friday and Saturday 10am-2pm / 4.30pm-7.30pm
(Closed on Sundays and public holidays)
Shipping companies operating on the Island of Sálvora

Organized Groups / Educational Visits

Name Telephone no. Website E-mail
ALVAMAR NÁUTICA +34 683 580 364 / +34 653 516 969 / info [at] (info[at]alvamarnautica[dot]com)
AMARE TURISMO NÁUTICO SL +34 650 410 322 info [at] (info[at]amareturismonautico[dot]com)
CHARTERTERRANOVA +34 620 220 855 info [at] (info[at]charterterranova[dot]com)
CRUCEROS ÁNGEL SL +34 666 531 158 info [at] (info[at]crucerosangel[dot]com)
CRUCEROS DE AROSA SL +34 609 562 913 reservas [at] (reservas[at]crucerosdearosa[dot]com)
CRUCEROS DO ULLA SL +34 986 731 818 / +34 608 089 458 info [at] (info[at]crucerosdoulla[dot]com)
CRUCEROS RIAS BAIXAS +34 986 731 343 / +34 670 518 669 info [at] (info[at]crucerosriasbaixas[dot]com)
JULIO VERNE NÁUTICA +34 683 251 682 office [at] (office[at]juliovernenautica[dot]com)
MAR DE AGUIÑO +34 630 233 702 / +34 619 978 390 mardeaguino [at] (mardeaguino[at]hotmail[dot]com)
MAR DE ONS +34 986 225 272 info [at] (info[at]mardeons[dot]com) / comercial [at] (comercial[at]mardeons[dot]com) (grupos + 30)
MARES DO GROVE SL +34 607 645 687 neptuno [at] (neptuno[at]crucerosmaresdogrove[dot]com)
MEDUSA CENTRO BUCEO E TURISMO ACTIVO +34 633 119 533 / +34 986 502 044 centrobuceomedusa [at] (centrobuceomedusa[at]gmail[dot]com) 
MONROA SL +34 608 182 274 info [at] (info[at]crucerospelegrin[dot]com)
NAVIERA BAHÍA SUB +34 607 911 523 naviera [at] (naviera[at]bahiasub[dot]com)
NAVIERA NABIA +34 986 320 048 info [at] (info[at]piratasdenabia[dot]com)
OCEANIC AROUSA TOURS +34 648 458 116 info [at] (info[at]oceanicarousa[dot]com)
OFTEFOR CB (CORTICATA) +34 625 807 923 / +34 639 870 488 info [at] (info[at]corticata[dot]com)
RUTAS JUAN ALLO +34 672 659 484 rutasjuanallo [at] (rutasjuanallo[at]gmail[dot]com)
RUTAS RÍAS BAIXAS SLU +34 609 359 141 info [at] (info[at]taximar-riasbaixas[dot]com) 
SAILWAY +34 986 442 351 info [at] (info[at]sailway[dot]es)
SAN YAGO CHARTER +34 619 304 826 jaime [at] (jaime[at]sanyagocharter[dot]com)
SEA CHARTER RÍAS BAIXAS SL +34 644 483 305 seacharterriasbaixas [at] (seacharterriasbaixas[at]gmail[dot]com)
SUSIACUÑA SL +34 986 229 235 susions [at] (susions[at]isladeons[dot]net)
TURIMARES SL +34 986 733 543 / +34 620 997 621 info [at] (info[at]crucerosturimares[dot]com)