Educational backpack


In this backpack, you will find timely and specific didactic proposals related to the fauna, flora, history and management of the islands. These are short duration activities with specific objectives for the different educational levels.

The Infant Education Backpack:

  • Cards for three year-old students. Download here
  • Cards for four year-old students. Download here
  • Cards for five year-old students. Download here

The Primary Education Backpack:

  • The Atlantic Islands ecosystems you remember. 

Activity to discover the Park's marine and terrestrial ecosystems and then perform a memory quiz with them. Click here.

  • Activity notebook: "Diving in the Atlantic Islands". Click here

The Backpack for Secondary, Higher Secondary, and Vocational Training Cycles:

  • The TABOO about the Atlantic Islands National Park

An activity organised in groups. One can learn about the Park's biological and heritage wealth by stimulating language skills. Students have to define the names of different living beings and heritage elements without using taboo words. It consists of:

  1. A presentation of the Park: slides in which students get an introduction to this protected area and the elements they will have to define later Click here
  2. Cards on: "How would you define it"? A3 size poster in which the words to be defined appear, and students try to define them in their own words (Taboo words are not applied in this case) Download here
  3. Instructions and taboo cards. Game rules are provided together with recommendations on preparation for game. Also included are the 60 cards of elements to be defined with the taboo words Download here