Public use

Ons - Praia das Dornas

Public use in the National Park is one of the work areas that most influences the conservation of space. This public use includes a set of activities that directly influence the natural and cultural environment: general visitors, pleasure boats, visitors for recreational and sports activities, researchers, volunteers, etc., who require hotel facilities and park services. In this sense, the Park needs to ensure that all activities and infrastructures cause minimal/no impact and are corrected if necessary, to ensure a sustainable, compatible and enjoyable use of the place.

The conservation and compatibility of use actions in this natural space focus on:

  • Control of visitor flow to the islands by limiting number of visitors.
  • Control of visitor numbers that use park services.
  • Control and maintenance of hiking trails and points of interest that can be visited.
  • Management and control of permits and authorizations for recreation and sports activities.
  • Education and awareness programmes for National Park conservation.
  • Control of facilities and their activity, analysis of impacts and viability.
  • Management of national park activities geared towards visitors.